Building the resilince and boosting the wellbeing of students in the Riverina Murray

COMPACT provide and develop unique wellbeing programs to empower, inspire, and build the resilience of young people. We deliver innovative, flexible services and programs that help young people to overcome barriers and challenges that they will face in their everyday lives as well as the scooling environment. With well-developed links with local business, government and community organisations, we provide growth opportunities for students. We provide age appropriate, interactive, fun programs that build confidence, self-awareness and resilience to assist young people to achieve their full social and economic potential.

ChangeUP is an innovative approach to improving the wellbeing of regional young people, through strengths-based resilience, building self-awareness, optimistic thinking and a growth mindset. Young people will put their learned strategies into practice as they design and develop a group project aimed at overcoming an identified cause to help others in their local school or community.

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